Hey guys! I'm in a super good mood today because I just got back from doing the second of my total of three exams and it went way better than I expected. Well, it went better than the last one at least. Now all I have left is my afternoon exam on Wednesday and then I'm free for a week and a half wooop wooop. My brother is coming to visit on friday so maybe I'll have a little brother-sister outfit post for you hehe. He's coming to the end of exams party with me and then the next day we'll probably head up to London if we're not too dead! I'm so happy that central London is only 30mins away. My bank account on the other hand, isn't quite as joyous. Even if I don't spend crazy amounts on shopping I love being in London and in general, travelling to and from places. I probably get that from my dad! I'm pretty sure I mentioned on here before just how much I love being in airports.

Anyway, moving on, I wore this outfit (although you can see only a bit of it) the other day when I met up with a friend to have a chat and then study. So of course the planned 1h coffee meet-up turned into a 2h gossip sesh and catch up session since it had actually been a while since we saw each other. I did do some studying when I got back though! I promise.

I seriously cannot wait until exams are OVER. I really need to stop stressing and enjoy uni life. I feel like I haven't enjoyed it as much as other people. I'm not really into the going out weekly and yet I feel like I'm not living up to the student experience. My somewhat of another new year's resolution? Get my ass out more (not literally speaking about my booty) and stop being such a hermit!