I decided to go shopping after work today and I found this cute bow in topshop. I think it goes so well with red lipstick! I found a cream knit jumper and burgundy treggings but I wasn't so sure about them because of the prices. I've decided to leave it until Saturday - when I go into town with my brother. We might go up to London but that totally depends on money and whether we're bothered to and as my dad said, London is London and it will always be there. I haven't discovered all the charms of the town I now live in but I do have a few places on my list of where I'd like to take my brother. Dinner at wagamama or GBK fo shooo!

I've been using the chanel bronzer for almost a week now and my oh my how I love it so.. You really don't need a lot of the product on your brush to get a good amount of colour around your face and I have to mention again just how smoothy it goes over your face. I'm definitely happy with this product and I feel like I have not wasted my money. I popped into house of fraser again today to look for the laura mercier foundation primer and the girls are so adorable their. I signed up for a loyalty card and the put together a bag absolutely FULL of testers! Perhaps 13 different mini perfumes and a about 5 skin care testers. I cannot be the only girl that loves getting testers.. With perfume not only can you decide whether you like it or not over a week or so, you can pop it in your bag with you when you go out and you don't want to carry much but still want to spruce up in those stinky, sweaty smokey clubs.

As for the skin care testers I think it's really important to find what fits your skin the best. Some products might make you break out, you may not see a difference with some products.. I've been thinking of purchasing a moisturiser and toner from liz earle when I run out of the Simple ones that I have now. I want to start taking more care of my skin before it's too late to make any kind of difference as facelifts and botox are out of the question for me!

Hopefully I can get an outfit post for you guys sooonish! In the meantime, STUDY IF YOU GUYS STILL HAVE EXAMS