I received this top from Dahlia today and I was super excited to open it up - it came wrapped in polka dot print tissue paper! I've never really been a girly girl and I have always loved a bit of edge when it comes to clothes and accessories so I went absolutely mental browsing through all their pieces. I think many of you will absolutely love SO MANY of their things. They have a lot of collared tops, perfect flavourful colours for fall and I've already said this but loaaads of collars. I'm really starting to love collared things because it generally means that I can keep accessories minimal and just throw on this edgy/cute top. Personally, I'll be slowly stocking up on short tops like this one because it will be getting colder and I will soon have to abandon my beloved leggings... (I seriously need to go to leggings rehab and wean myself off). So if you wanna treat yourself to some back to school outfits be sure to browse the Dahlia website with your credit/debit cards at hand!

Top - Dahlia
Bag - River Island
Jeggings - Dr Denim
Boots - R&E

PS, got these boots back in April and I just found them again, haha!