Pearl - Marc by Marc Jacobs

My mum is in Japan right now so she missed my birthday and had said to me she left something with my dad to give to me. I had no idea this perfume existed until now! If you can't really read the label it says Musc et Freesia. Gosh it smells so good. I've been sneakily using a man's perfume until now. There's something about some of them which I really like having on myself.
Hello people! I had my last day of school bac party yesterday and it was amazing. I left a tad earlier than everyone because it was getting chilly and I needed a nap before going out. So here I am to show you that present I picked out. It's the marc by marc jacobs pearl bag and oh jeez it smells really lovely. Although the bags with the plaques are cute, I love how understated the logo on this bag is. The pocket in the front has a card holder slipped into of which you can see the top of (where it's attached to the bag. Am I making any sense?) and it has another pocket on the other side. There's a strap inside the bag to maintain the shape but you can unbutton it to make the bag a tad wider to carry more stuff in it. It's a good sized bag for a short school day, a day out in the park or a lunch date but it's also good for a night out because it's big enough for me to fit my camera, flash, wallet and heels in it. 

BLOGGING BREAK - I really have to concentrate on studying so I've decided to stay off blogger and lookbook until I've sat my chemistry exam but I will still answer any questions you leave or send to me by email. I told myself I would try not to take a break because I don't like getting out of routine but it's kind of necessary at this point. I want to go to my first choice of uni so so so bad which means I need to put my heart, soul, brain and every last bit of my anatomy down to my little toe into studying. I'm sorry. I'll be back.


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It's my birthday. It was also my last day of school. EVER. After this all I have are exams. What will I do today? Well, celebrate of course. I'm going to be have some birthday sushi at Sushi Shop with a few friends and then who knows where the day will take me. Don't expect a post until friday evening or saturday afternoon because it will be the last chance my year and I have to go crazy before the real pressure kicks in. 


Not sure if I'm into the whole american flag thing but these are cute

I'm still thinking about getting a pair but I can't decide between those or these

I need a new playsuit! The only one I have is black - how dull. I'd also like to have the perfect white summer dress hanging in my wardrobe. The kind of dress that goes with anything. Kinda like this one. Wait no - exactly like this one.

Rings, rings, rings. Most of you know I have an unhealthy obsession with them. I don't often wear loads at once. I usually just wear 2 or sometimes 3 different ones. If I'm wearing gold jewellery I'm almost always wearing my gold vintage ring. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW... 1st to 5th years be prepared on friday. Imma get you.

Cheap Monday

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Hello! I'm up to bake more cupcakes (because tomorrow late afternoon my sociology class is opening our exhibition on the plight of refugees) and then I'm going to study chemistry and philosophy all day. So this is what I bought yesterday:
The jewellery pieces are all from little market stalls. My manfriend acutally spotted the skull necklace. He has a brilliant eye haha. You can't really tell but the most simple looking ring has his initial on it. It was only 2EUR and it was too cute to pass up. Perhaps my most exciting buy of the day is the cheap monday shirt (size M) for... 10EUR! I had no idea the braderie was on yesterday so I'm glad I ran into it (link for those who don't know what it is). I had such a lovely day eating italian bagels from coffee lounge and taking in the busy saturday atmosphere with the manfriend but from now on no more chilling around. This is serious business. I feel like I should take a blog break at the end of next week. Or at least while my exams are on (I have 2 weeks of written exams, one week free and then 2 weeks of oral exams). I offically finish everything on the 5th july. AGH why is my life in fast forward right now?!

Look at me now

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I saw this necklace on Nora's blog and I knew had to get it. I have another friend who is WAY more obsessed with cupcakes than I am so I bought it for her as well. I actually bought it a while back when I was in Bordeaux but I think she sometimes checks my blog (hai kappu kaykee) so I didn't want to post it until I gave her the present. I had a pretty good day today which I'll tell you about in my next post.
Outfit: Top/h&m, jewellery/claires topshop dorothyperkins & vintage, shoes/primark, bag/river island.

I heard

Hello bloglings and whatnot. Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, I was stressed out with decorating cupcakes and getting ready for the party. I had such a great time last night! I might post a few photos later in the evening but I'm going to get some studying done so perhaps tomorrow. Above are details of my outfit from yesterday. I snipped the tee to make a vest. 

Le Moustache

Tshirt (9.95EUR), sunglasses (10EUR), purses (10EUR for one, but two for 15EUR! Hehe can you see me?)
I had such a chill day today. Had only 3 lessons and then after school went to eat sushi for lunch followed by some shopping. First I showed my buddy that store I was talking about and I bought the tshirt, sunglasses and two purses there. As you can see by the prices above it really wasn't that expensive at all. But I do have to warn you stuff in there does get pretty expensive. For example. Bag 275EUR, purse for 230EUR... So if you're going to buy something you really need a good look around before purchasing something. After that we rushed off to h&m where I bought those black loose shorts. They are slightly high-waisted but with the elastic waist band you could pretty much however high or low as you want it to be. So I guess you want to know what/where this store is? Capsule, 31 rue Philippe II. Check it out, it's awesome.

PS, I received a call to say that the back I asked to be fix was back from Paris so I went to pick it up. I'm so happy that it's finally fixed!


I found my card! Yay. This is what I wore today: that top I showed you guys a while back, topshop necklace and bracelet, DP ring and h&m bag which is started to rip a teensy bit because of my books. Tomorrow I finish at 1pm so I'll be having a sushi date with some friends followed with a "bit" of shopping. I discovered a new shop during my triple lunch today! Was out and about with two guys from my class and they showed me this really cute store. They basically sell the same stuff as extrabold but a lot more indie lookin' with a lot more choice. I also prefer the decor and it kinda reminds me of an NYC apartment. Sunglasses, twist lock coin purses and disposable camera's with blue green yellow or red flash filters (?) each for under 14EUR. Not bad eh? Although I did see a pair of flats for 80EUR. WHAT ZEE EFF. Ahem,  I'll take a proper look tomorrow. I really want a disposable camera in every colour but the yellow one seemed kinda unflattering (there were examples on the back of the packet with and w/o the colour flash). Blue and green seemed to be the nicest. AH JEEZ I'm excited now.
PS, got my yearbook yesterday and everyone has been writing in each other's as is tradition. I got the sweetest comment written in mine today.

Minus three and seven

So, I honestly WAS going to take photos today but yaaaay I seem to have misplaced my memory card. How effing fantastic, which is why I've pulled this photo from the depths of my iPhoto library. It's from that snow shoot I did ages ago with Tina. Although I used the simple editing tools, I hope she edits this one for realzies hehe (HAI TINA, hint hint nudge nudge). If I can't find it by thursday I'm going to have to get a temporary one because on friday my buddy Emily and I are celebrating our birthdays (her's was last friday, mine is next week on thursday - my last day of school!)

I got a call from the vuitton store today and they said my bag is fixed and ready to be picked up. I'm so glad they were able to fix and it took a lot shorter than they said it would.
My to do list for this week: CUPCAKES. I have to bake for friday and on sunday evening for an event my sociology class is hosting. It's about the plight and misconception, and often prejudice views, of refugees. It begins at 17h30 in D-block so if you go to my school I'll be happy if you came along. There will be cupcakes (kay now you have to come, haha)

Hot Butter - Popcorn

Lazy outfit which consists of UO top, random black hoodie, h&m chambray shirt and converse. I'm so tired I don't even recall waking up this morning - it's all a blur to me. I have to go so I'll keep it short and sweet: I have 11 days of school left. OH JEEZ.. Where is that big red self-destruct panic button when you need one?

Goodnight Louis 2AND23

How can you not love Armstrong's voice? I don't stick to one music genre. If the song has charm and "personality" then you'll catch me listening to it. The family and I went to a restaurant and these are details of what I wore. When I took the photos it was pitch black so full body short were a no-no. I should go to sleep now. I've decided to scrap my original essay title ("A troubled relationship: the poetry of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath") because as much as I'd love to do that I just don't have enough time or brain cells left to do it properly. They're two of some of the most influential poets of the 20th century and it would be terrible for me to do a sloppy piece of work on them. Tomorrow morning I'm waking up early and working on it all day (I have no school tomorrow) but I'll need a few breaks in between and I'll probably have to study a bit of décolonisation for my history test.. Goodnight

Sunday lustings - HAPPY MAMA'S DAY

Mmmmmm, YES PLEASE! 
Wing earrings - ordered them last night!
Do you remember my gold wing earrings? (I'm wearing them this post) I now have quite a balanced amount of gold/silver jewellery but not that many silver earrings, so I thought I'd order those off topshop since I love the gold ones so much.

Hello bloggers. It's a sunday which means I'm sitting here writing to you in my glasses, embarrassing pajamas and a "fresh" face (I feel sorry for the people who will have to live with me in the second year of uni; I'm always in such bad moods in the mornings haha). I've been lusting after doc martens for a while but have been hesitating because they are a bit pricey. Earlier this year I bought cheap dark silver/grey studded boots and of course after a couple of wears the rain started to seep through so I can only wear them on days where it's not too hot not too stoopid and wet. The boots are awesome so I wish they weren't such crap quality! Ah well, I got what I paid for. I just checked dmusastore and they cost 115USD (approx. 80EUR) but I dunno how much they cost in a store in a store somewhere in Europe.

So my genius plan: I'm currently plodding around the idea of going to NYC this summer after I get back from Japan. I'd love to take my manfriend with my but bless him, I think his first long haul flight (to Japan) has traumatised him haha. Yeah it can be expensive to fly to new york but qatar airways generally have reasonable prices compared to other airlines but there's always Opodo. Ah well, we'll see how everything turns out. Fingers crossed.

The last item is from the men's section of river island. I bought my harley davidson tee from the men's a while back (see here) and I really like the look of this white one. If I ever get my hands on it I'll probably snip the sleeves off. That's enough rambling for now, let your eyes rest a little. Here are two songs I'm always listening to:

Loudpipes - by Ratatat (my current fav! So chill) (edit - yepp I wrote wildcat before, another ratatat song, because it was playing - whoooopsies how embarrassing)

In the mood - by Glenn Miller

Moi aussi j'ai une fée chez moi

So here's the outfit post as promised. I've had a pretty good weekend so far. Friday night I went to the cinema with the manfriend to see limitless and then we hit town to chill a bit. The film was pretty good but I had a bit of a headache so in those scenes where he's just taken the pill and the camera is zooming in on everything (you'll know what I mean if you've seen it) my head hurt even more haha. This afternoon we decided to play a bit of football in the garden and after we established that I kinda sucked he let me work on shooting the ball into the goal which I have to say I got pretty good at! But playing barefoot was a stupid idea because a) It looks like I have gangrene on my foot and b) my feet hurt so much. It was tons of fun though!

As soon as I got home I slipped on my wedges and took a stroll down to this little spot and I'm starting to really like this place, besides that stupid green fence. YAY to my brother who took the photos.

PS, is it just me or does make photos more vibrant? Might just be my imagination..


Quick post - I have that philosophy test tomorrow. Determinism and free will. UM WHAT? I better get studying. I didn't wear anything fantastic today because I was still feeling a tad groggy and luckily I found this super soft alpaca hoodie which my brother bought on his trip across south america. Tomorrow I'll try to make an effort but I can't really promise you anything because I've been having one of those "I have nothing to weaaaaaar" days. I remember that one of my friends had a lot of clothes but she'd hang 2 (sometimes 3) things on one hanger to make an outfit. Seems like quite a good idea and it would make getting ready a lot faster so maybe I'll consider doing that if I ever find the time. I'm hitting the books now with a cup of tea (+honey) in one hand and a highlighter in the other. Ciao.

You are my sweetest downfall

make a gif
Hello guys. I passed my theory test YAY! It's actually pretty easy though. Besides that I haven't done much besides sleep and clean my room. I woke up this morning and until the moment I spoke to my mum (15mins later) I didn't know I had lost my voice. It was kinda funny though. It was a bit like rob brydon's little man in a box voice teehee. But of course when I wanted to laugh, I couldn't. Throughout the day I drank unhealthy amounts of tea and my breakfast consisted of a small bowl of honey and eventually my voice got better but I still sound creepy man. I'm portraying a really great image of myself, aren't I? OH dear, I just realised I can't find my camera's battery charger anywhere. It's either at my manfriend's place or at my friend's where I had that shoot, which would suck because she's now back in england. OOOPS...

Un autre regard

Top/urban outfitters, blazer/h&m, shorts&shoes/new look
Hey you you guys can't stay on long. I have a BIG ASS homework to get done for tomorrow. Super important. Super stress. AGGGH. Boyce avenue are here in luxembourg this friday.. To go or not to go..? I need a date. I really do want to go but I'll need to do a good job in convincing my manfriend because the music isn't exactly up his street. I gotta go freakout about my homework now. Bai.