Quick post - I have that philosophy test tomorrow. Determinism and free will. UM WHAT? I better get studying. I didn't wear anything fantastic today because I was still feeling a tad groggy and luckily I found this super soft alpaca hoodie which my brother bought on his trip across south america. Tomorrow I'll try to make an effort but I can't really promise you anything because I've been having one of those "I have nothing to weaaaaaar" days. I remember that one of my friends had a lot of clothes but she'd hang 2 (sometimes 3) things on one hanger to make an outfit. Seems like quite a good idea and it would make getting ready a lot faster so maybe I'll consider doing that if I ever find the time. I'm hitting the books now with a cup of tea (+honey) in one hand and a highlighter in the other. Ciao.


  1. Honey has became in the most important thing of ur life!!!haha

  2. Miriam from Galicia (Spain)4 May 2011 at 21:09

    The honey has became the most important thing in in your life!!haha

  3. Yes that sauna "myth" your dad told you is actually true! :b You sit in the sauna for a few minutes and then run outside, either into the snow or jumping into a lake or something, and then you go back and the warmth feels sooo nice.
    Makes you feel really fresh and awake... maybe I should start doing it to concentrate better when the bacs come up haha ;b

  4. lovely lovely lovely!


  5. ohmygod. you are so beautiful im speechless. definitely one of the prettiest faces ive seen for a long time ! love your blog, goes straight up to upper part of my favourite list,w ant to see more of you ! cheers, julia x

  6. Wow great pic!
    That vest is great (: