Cheap Monday

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Hello! I'm up to bake more cupcakes (because tomorrow late afternoon my sociology class is opening our exhibition on the plight of refugees) and then I'm going to study chemistry and philosophy all day. So this is what I bought yesterday:
The jewellery pieces are all from little market stalls. My manfriend acutally spotted the skull necklace. He has a brilliant eye haha. You can't really tell but the most simple looking ring has his initial on it. It was only 2EUR and it was too cute to pass up. Perhaps my most exciting buy of the day is the cheap monday shirt (size M) for... 10EUR! I had no idea the braderie was on yesterday so I'm glad I ran into it (link for those who don't know what it is). I had such a lovely day eating italian bagels from coffee lounge and taking in the busy saturday atmosphere with the manfriend but from now on no more chilling around. This is serious business. I feel like I should take a blog break at the end of next week. Or at least while my exams are on (I have 2 weeks of written exams, one week free and then 2 weeks of oral exams). I offically finish everything on the 5th july. AGH why is my life in fast forward right now?!