Goodnight Louis 2AND23

How can you not love Armstrong's voice? I don't stick to one music genre. If the song has charm and "personality" then you'll catch me listening to it. The family and I went to a restaurant and these are details of what I wore. When I took the photos it was pitch black so full body short were a no-no. I should go to sleep now. I've decided to scrap my original essay title ("A troubled relationship: the poetry of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath") because as much as I'd love to do that I just don't have enough time or brain cells left to do it properly. They're two of some of the most influential poets of the 20th century and it would be terrible for me to do a sloppy piece of work on them. Tomorrow morning I'm waking up early and working on it all day (I have no school tomorrow) but I'll need a few breaks in between and I'll probably have to study a bit of décolonisation for my history test.. Goodnight