Hot Butter - Popcorn

Lazy outfit which consists of UO top, random black hoodie, h&m chambray shirt and converse. I'm so tired I don't even recall waking up this morning - it's all a blur to me. I have to go so I'll keep it short and sweet: I have 11 days of school left. OH JEEZ.. Where is that big red self-destruct panic button when you need one?


  1. Oh I love that lipstick you're wearing there! out of curiousity, which is it? By the way I think today must have been national exhaustion day or something, I was shattered and just fell asleep every second lesson (except german with me being the literature history nerd that I am and paying attention haha)
    anyway in reply to your comment on my blog replying to my comment (god this is a mouthful!) yeah those strips did hurt a bit but I think I got used to it quite quickly by using weaker ones beforehand like the boots own brand ones which they don't seem to sell anymore. and my feet are like that as well, uk sizing is so annoying! But my dr martens are a bit too big for my feet, I think I got 41 when i'm 40, whoopsie! so I put insoles in and they fit a bit better and i think dms are shoes that you can pull off when they're a bit bigger :) xx

  2. Miriam from Galicia (Spain)11 May 2011 at 20:16

    Hey girl you rockk
    I love your black Converse I need them.
    Your face (as I've told you maaaaaany times) is so different from the rest and incredibly nicee
    Love your outfit!!!!!!
    Am always telling you nice words I must be given a gift hahaha Your blog is a big discovery and I love fashion so that's why I'm telling you good thingsss.
    Im observing you don't have massive visits like most important blogs and it's a pity because you worth it. I hope you reach the highest in the fashion world (if you want of course)



  3. Your gorgeous. Maybe try darkening your eyebrows for alittle more drama!

  4. So hooray,
    now I'm up to date again,
    The shorts are great,
    love the outfit as well (:
    And I still can't believe that bag is from C&A!

  5. i love your page ! check out mine if you get the time , thanks : )