Minus three and seven

So, I honestly WAS going to take photos today but yaaaay I seem to have misplaced my memory card. How effing fantastic, which is why I've pulled this photo from the depths of my iPhoto library. It's from that snow shoot I did ages ago with Tina. Although I used the simple editing tools, I hope she edits this one for realzies hehe (HAI TINA, hint hint nudge nudge). If I can't find it by thursday I'm going to have to get a temporary one because on friday my buddy Emily and I are celebrating our birthdays (her's was last friday, mine is next week on thursday - my last day of school!)

I got a call from the vuitton store today and they said my bag is fixed and ready to be picked up. I'm so glad they were able to fix and it took a lot shorter than they said it would.
My to do list for this week: CUPCAKES. I have to bake for friday and on sunday evening for an event my sociology class is hosting. It's about the plight and misconception, and often prejudice views, of refugees. It begins at 17h30 in D-block so if you go to my school I'll be happy if you came along. There will be cupcakes (kay now you have to come, haha)