I found my card! Yay. This is what I wore today: that top I showed you guys a while back, topshop necklace and bracelet, DP ring and h&m bag which is started to rip a teensy bit because of my books. Tomorrow I finish at 1pm so I'll be having a sushi date with some friends followed with a "bit" of shopping. I discovered a new shop during my triple lunch today! Was out and about with two guys from my class and they showed me this really cute store. They basically sell the same stuff as extrabold but a lot more indie lookin' with a lot more choice. I also prefer the decor and it kinda reminds me of an NYC apartment. Sunglasses, twist lock coin purses and disposable camera's with blue green yellow or red flash filters (?) each for under 14EUR. Not bad eh? Although I did see a pair of flats for 80EUR. WHAT ZEE EFF. Ahem,  I'll take a proper look tomorrow. I really want a disposable camera in every colour but the yellow one seemed kinda unflattering (there were examples on the back of the packet with and w/o the colour flash). Blue and green seemed to be the nicest. AH JEEZ I'm excited now.
PS, got my yearbook yesterday and everyone has been writing in each other's as is tradition. I got the sweetest comment written in mine today.