I had a lunch date with the Manfriend today and this is what I wore (minus the crazy Litas, I wore flat boots to walk around cobble-y Luxembourg City). We ate some bagels and chilled until it was time to go. After that I headed off to a mall to get a few presents and to have a general browse for items which I may purchase in the future.

I've made a new year's resolution that I'll do my best to save up for items and have a good think about whether it will be absolutely necessary to by one. For example, I've finished the bronzer which I used pretty much every day so I think it would be okay for me to buy one which is a little more expensive. I like to try out cheaper products and if I find that I'm using them on a daily or regular basis and that I use them until they finish I see that it would perhaps be worth buying a similar product but with better quality. I wanted to try out metallic/glittery blue nailpolish once. I absolutely loved it for about two weeks (and it's still an AMAZING colour) but I ended up not using it enough so I'm glad I bought a rimmel nail polish instead of one from OPI. I did a similar thing with hot pink nail polish from sephora and found myself liking it a lot so in that case I bought a similar shade but from OPI. This way if I buy a beauty product and don't like it I won't feel too bad as it's at a drugstore price.

So guys, do you have any suggestions for bronzers?