WUHUUU - finally some decent outfit photos! I had lunch in town with my parents and then we checked out the Nespresso. Exams here I come! A coffee machine will definitely be very useful once the exam period comes around. Well, it's basically already here. I'm just not in it yet. Ooopsi.. But tonight I'm working on my research proposal and then I'll try sort out my notes. I brought 7kg of books home with me, I refuse to let them go to waste. But Motivation, where are you?

I threw this outfit on last minute before going out. I haven't worn this cardigan in a while and I have no idea why because it is actually quite thick and cosy. It's 89% cotton with no wool so it's not itchy at all. I tend to wriggle a lot so even if jumpers or sweaters or cardigans are the slightest bit itchy it's a no-no for me.