Hello from Japan! I've been travelling around Japan so much with my boyfriend and his family that I have barely had time to update other than the occasional Instagram post or two. It's coming to the end of our trip though and I have a few spare minutes to publish some of the back logged photos Christine shot of me. Earlier this summer I dared to take a peek at the summer sales and I found this gorgeous looking bag from Zara. The print is kinda crazy but I love it because my clothes tend to be on the tamer side. Keep your eyes out for a detail shot of the inside of the bag in an upcoming blog post! This playsuit rom H&M has been my absolute favourite this summer. I adore the lace details at the hems and how there is a double layer so I can eat and get bloated without worrying too much about my bulging belly. Trust me, when you have a kaiten (belt) sushi restaurant near your place with plates at 100 yen (0.73€/0.51£) for two pieces then you too would stuff yourself to the max. I may not have brought my hat to Japan with me because it's just too hot but it goes with pretty much everything.. I can't wait to bring it over to autumn outfits. How have everyone's summers been?

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japanese summer outfit

Playsuit - H&M
Bag & shoes - Zara
Hat - Forever 21

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