I'm not sure when my next post will be so here's a double post for today. I'll be travelling in these clothes tomorrow: Cheap Monday tshirt, Allamanda (Japanese brand) striped cardigan and an dark blue h&m parka (bought on sale btw but that was a while back).

I'm looking forward to the train journey because I love travelling. Kay, how many times have you heard that? "I love travelling". Most people say that meaning they love being in new places, discovering new countries etc.. Don't get me wrong I'm fascinated by new places - as I may or may not have mentioned already, it shall be first time in Thailand - my point is though I love getting from point A to point B. I looove flying long haul flights. I love checking in/saying bye to my suitcase, knowing I'll (hopefully) see it again at my destination, I love being in the waiting area and what I love most about going to Japan is being in transit.

I'm not sure where this love of going through airports came from. Perhaps it's because I've been lucky enough to go home to Japan once/twice a year since I was a baby or because my mother used to be a stewardess when she lived in Japan or maybe it comes from dad's love of traveling? Who knows, but at times I do feel like I'm the only one out there who loves the airport process.

Kaori chill, you're only taking a train tomorrow. Goodnight m'lovlies. I'm off to take a bath with  candles and a book. Best way to end the day!