I bought this headband in primark a few months ago but the jewelled bit fell off. I finally got around to sewing it back on. I'm usually not a headband kinda girl but I like this one.

I painted my nails with topshop's "gone fishing" and a simple glitter nail polish

Hello peeps. I'm sitting in Coffee Lounge at the moment because the internet still doesn't work with my laptop. It works fine with my Manfriend's and my laptop can connect to any network except mine. BLEUH. I guess this gives me the excuse to get out of the house more. I discovered a new cafe today and it's super cute. If they have wifi there as well I'll migrate there because they have comfy leather couches.

So here I am sipping on a white mocha looking like a fool editing pictures of myself. I'm sure the two guys beside me though I was a tad odd. I'm meeting the Manfriend in an hour and we're going to eat at Vapiano and then watch the new Tom Hanks film. He's my fav actor ever! I could totally have a Tom Hanks movie marathon. 

I'm off to h&m now. I have shoot with Tina tomorrow and I'm going to browse the sales to see if I can find any treasures. Yepp I know, I know I did say I wanted to save up but I really don't have anything bright in my closet (which is the theme we're going for) and if I do find something nice, it won't be a waste as I'll also be able to wear it this summer.