Hello guys, yes it's a tad late on my end but after my odd nap the other day my sleeping pattern has been a bit off the charts. I finished my exams Tuesday afternoon and I've been relaxing since then. Tonight I'm having a dinner at my place with some girls and then we are going to CELEBRATE. Although of course the real celebration will be on Saturday after our graduation. I've been thinking of posting a sneaky preview of what I'm wearing for graduation but a few of you know already hehe..

Holiday update: Mr Manfriend and I have finally booked our holiday and we're going to Thailand next month! You have no idea how excited I am. Our hotel is very near Kata beach (in Phuket) which is quite chilled compared to Patong so it's going to be so relaxing. Trust me, I do loving city, shopping, seeing, walking holidays but sometimes you just need one were you can relax. We've found a cute secluded little hotel behind walls in a lovely garden with only about 55 rooms: it's perfect. So basically this long "introduction" is so I can say "hey guys I bought a bikini for Thailand". I love h&m bikinis. So inexpensive.