How are you guys this fine Sunday evening/morning/afternoon? (wherever you are in this lovely world). I'm in a good mood despite the fact I still have to finish my essay. I think I've been pretty good with updating recently, if you don't mind me saying, so I think I might give it a break until Tuesday or Wednesday. I am here to enjoy myself but I am here to work too and I can't fall behind on work. Especially with an exciting Easter break coming up! What are you guys up to over the holidays?

I've also filmed a video for you guys so all the info on the outfit is there. I'm going to be trying out different things while editing the video to out not only what I like but your preferences too, so the first few videos will be different while I'm experimenting. If you guys have any suggestions as to what to do with the editing (so it's more pleasing to the eye) or if you have a request then please don't be afraid to leave a comment and ask.


  1. Love your style!;) Your looks are amazing!

  2. Nice outfit, love the pants! :) One probably quite stupid question though: what does OTTD stand for? I've seen ootd before (outfit of the day) but I have no clue what ottd is :S

  3. how tall are you?

  4. You look amazing Kaori! :) Love the striped jacket looks lovely on you!
    Shope xo

  5. I love your bracelets and, of course, the JC! I'm thinking on buying a pair of them.



  6. @anon - I'm 1m68 :)

    @shope - thank yooou xoxo