LONG TIME NO TALK EH? What is wrong with me, I totally thought I would be posting a lot more but hey, I didn't think I would be this busy. I actually have been doing quite a bit of studying. I would probably say it involves a lot of reading and marking and post-it-ing the notes I took in class so I know what questions I need to ask my lecturers or what notes I'm missing so I can ask my classmates. I love post-its. Besides that I've been spending a lot of time with my mum and the Manfriend. I've also done shopping here and there. I filmed a haul video last week which never went up until now because, well, I'm a lazy bum. SO HERE IT IS (well, down at the bottom of this post to be precise). At some point in the video I saw that I don't think I'll be doing that much more shopping while I'm here. I totally lied to myself. How often do you go into the same store twice or three times in one week and always find something new? That happened to me..

 So excited to wear this on a night out or in summer

 I love that the brushes came with this little caps - it's so useful!
I've been dying to buy one of the naked palettes but I never knew which one to go for and I never saw the two palettes in the same store to be able to compare... until the other day. I had a little date with the Manfriend and before heading off to watch the hunger games, I dragged him around zara and sephora. AND YAY I finally got to stand there in the store with the two palettes side by side. I'm not really a silver eye shadow kinda girl so what won me over is the fact that the naked 2 has blackout and pretty much only silver eyeshadow. I also like the fact that it comes with a two ended brush and that it shuts quite securely. I never wear eyeshadow during the day but I think this neutral shimmery palette will motivate me to make a little bit more of an effort with being too over the top.