Hey guys! I was really in the mood to take photos today because it was so lovely but unfortunately the light was just too harsh in the morning! I've found a backdrop I like, my own little outfit-photo-taking-area, and the direction I like to shoot in just wasn't good for the position of the sun. BOOHOO. I did make a little more effort with my outfit than usual and I seemed to get funny looks for some reason. It's not like I was wearing my JC litas on campus.. I wore my current favourite top (the lace one from Azul by Moussy), a nude/camel blazer from F21, my black leather dr martens and I topped it off with this hat and gold choker from topshop. I have a presentation on DNA tomorrow for my criminal justice systems module. OH JEEZ, me and public speaking is really not a great combo. Especially when my speaking partner is the girl who I'm always in fits of childish giggles with. This won't go down well. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! Yeah, I totally understand about dressing up for campus. I'm always overdressed!
    But you look lovely from what I see of the outfit - must've been because it was a good one :)


  2. oh good luck on your presentation =) poor girl she must be nervous... I think its going to go great! Oh yeah and omg I think that is so cool what u study... Love your style =)

  3. Good luck!!! You look fab, love your outfit :) xx