I wore this outfit when I met up with the Manfriend for some delicious bagels and a little stroll around town. We checked out Extrabold and I bought some new Dr Denim Kissy jeans because I ripped a mahoosive hole in them when I took a tumble 2 months ago while on the cobblestones of Edinburgh. It was not pretty and I still have the scar. I decided to get a black and a dark grey pair they are so comfy! I absolutely love how stretchy they are. I normally live in leggings and I really hate jeans so these are perfect for me. I've been wanting to get a pair of pastel coloured trousers in either pink or mint. I've also had my eyes on the floral patterned trousers from Topshop.

I'm sitting on my bed and currently trying to find the motivation to finish all the things I have on my list: presentation research, qualitative interview design and overall revision. I have all that to do just for uni and there are so many things I still want to do while I'm here in Luxembourg. I was originally going to go to Ikea to check out some furniture for our living room but it started pouring down with rain and I guess it was kinda of a kick in the butt for me to get into my work. I'm going to start off with the easiest assignment (which luckily happens to be the first one that's due in) and then build up my motivation from there.

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