HOLA, so this is the rest of the outfit from that photo I posted a few days back. It was so cold in Japan that I actually got quite a lot of use out of my Timberlands before heading to China. I'm back in Luxembourg now but I'm feeling a little homesick. Japan is my other home and I already miss it and my family. There are so many things which I prefer in Japan than in Europe. Like the way girls (and mothers for that matter) dress. They always make and effort. You hardly ever see girls in sweatpants and if you do then they definitely don't look sloppy the way some brit girls dress. Girls over here just go out in leggings, flats/uggs.. although it can look nice you should see the way they dress in Japan!  Not every single japanese girl dresses like THIS or THIS so get over mkay? I've never seen an outfit on a japanese girl that looked bad, although I, myself, might not have picked it out because of my personal taste. Another thing is how friendly shop assistants are. Even if it may get a bit annoying when you just want to browse it always perks up my day when they're smiling back at you as they hand over my change or when they offer to find me another size. Another thing on my list? Efficient transportation and oh good god the English town I'm living in should be ashamed of themselves. When I'm waiting for the bus to go to town or uni sometimes it just doesn't come. One time a friend was on the last bus from town and the driver didn't want to go as far as our accommodation blocks so decided to cut the route short by two stops whereas in Japan you'll get an apology over the speakers if the train is 3-4 minutes late. ANYWAY, excuse my little rant there. I'll be back again this summer and this time for much longer so I'm really looking forward to that. I've have a few videos planned for you and a mega asia haul video so hopefully I can get them up for you soon. Love you all and thanks for still sticking by me and my blog.