On one of the last days the famiglia was all together we decided to take my grandmother to do a little bit of shopping before she made her way back to Japan. I knew at some point I would browse the sales so I decided to go for some comfy shoes. I was about to slip into my Converse but then I realised that laced shoes are not exactly the most practical if you are going to be in and out of the changing rooms. I had a cheeky look around our shoe shelf and found these velcro shoes which my grandma had bought my brother years ago but were still unworn. Yes guys, velcro. I never thought I would come into contact with it again after the age of 11! My reaction to velcro wallets is akin to that of Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love. But I actually much prefer the way these look than laced trainers and nothing beat the face of the shop assistant at the changing room when she heard the KRRRRRTSCH.

Bag - Zara
Coat & shoes - handmedowns