Topshop ring
Hey there, I'm into my second week of uni. Although the early morning starts aren't exactly the most desirable I am really enjoying the classes. It feels so great to finally be studying something which really interests me. I've done a bit of reading and now I'm chilling with a cup of tea and the new HIMYM episode until my plagiarism policy session later this day. After that I'm heading to town with Emilia (don't forget to keep up to date with her lookbook here) for tea & biscuits and a bit of shopping in H&M. As much as I love my leggings I'm starting to get holes in the 3 pairs which I have with me so it's about time I bought a new pair or two. The weather has been acting up and finally winter seems likes it's about to jump out and hit you in the face so I might buy a chunky jumper too. Hope you all have a nice day today!