First of all, I must apologize for "wet hair look". My hair was actually wet as I more or less had just jumped out of the shower. We had quite a late start to the day and I assume that will be the case tomorrow as well (it's currently midnight here). We did quite a lot today. We rode the subway, totally messed up, ended up three stops further than we had planned to so we had to do everything on our list but backwards. We went to see the site where the World Trade Centers were and we also popped into the memorial site preview exhibition. It was very emotional to see but what really tugged on our heartstrings was when an audio clip sounded throughout the room of the accounts of the victims' families. From there we walked down to Pier 17 (a place where I used to go whenever I was in NYC with my family), had lunch in Chinatown, found the Dr Martens store in soho and a store selling Jeffrey Campbells (guilty....). My friend Emily and I are now proud owners of Litas. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE AND PRETTY AND GORGEOUS AND OHMYGOSH. It's like you're walking on heaven.