Standard comfy outfit - leggings & baggy top
Emily & me
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Hey there peeps, we've just got back from a long day of walking around central park (and into the film crew for The Avengers), down Lexington Ave and all the way to Times Square. We first popped into Bloomingdale's where I finally admitted defeat and asked a MAC shop-assistant to match a foundation for me. I'm pretty sure that ever since I've been using make up I've been using the wrong colour. After a while in Bloomingdale's we walked further along Lexington Ave and into Victoria's Secret. It was my first time there and I must say the underwear and pajamas are quite cute. After a very nasty disinfectant-tasting mahoosive sandwich we rolled ourselves and our bellies to Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library, they're both so beautiful.

It was then off to Times Square for us where we hit the F21 store and yeees I know I mentioned a few times that I wanted to go at midnight but to be honest with you, we're already exhausted by 7pm so I don't think we'd have the strength or energy to! Tomorrow we're planning on exploring Soho, Little Italy, China Town and Pier 17 (a place I used to go whenever my family and I came to NYC). I love it here. You know that feeling where you just know you belong somewhere? I felt it with the university which I'll be going to and I feel it here too. Well, there's always the work placement year! You never know...