Breakfast In America
 Tea in LadurĂ©e
 See you at uni!
 Isabelle & Emily
Hey there! I'm in Paris at the moment about to get my train back home - Emily was kind enough to put me up for one night. I had the best time ever in NYC and I really hope I get to go back soon in the near future. We went vintage shopping yesterday and I found amazing things for such good prices! But they are winter-y things so you probably won't see it in outfit posts until winter comes along. Today we walked around a bit and hit my favourite store ever in Paris: Marc by Marc Jacobs. I really like its location and of course the lovely things inside! 


  1. i just went to exactly the same restaurant last time in paris :D

  2. what are you gonna study this year?

  3. I love Paris! and Victoria secret body spashes! are they cheaper in paris?

  4. KAORI! I've been following your blog for AGES now and i was just on tumblr when i saw a picture of yours had been reblogged 2,757 times! congratulations, people obviously love your style :)
    i reblogged it myself on my blog for you to see if you want to take a look, it should be the first post

  5. i tried Laduree ;) and you look like an interesting mix :D i envy you so much for that, beauty!!! :D

  6. Hope one day I meet them all: ny, paris... <3 enjoy your time :) xxxx