The one in the middle, furthest away is the Empire State Building
 Emily - don't forget to check her blog!
 One of the views
 Alone at the top of the Rock
I have a bit of a different post for you guys - a tourist post! We ended up buying city passes for 79USD which allows us to go the top of the Rock (or entry to the Guggenheim), top of the Empire state, entry to the MoMA, entry to the MET, tour of Ellis and Liberty Island aaand entry to the Natural History Museum. Such a great deal! Despite the gloomy weather we decided to go up to the Rockerfeller. It was amazing. The first photo more or less sums up our wonderful view. It looked so mysterious with the steam and the clouds. After the Rockerfeller we went to the MoMA but on it's closed on Tuesdays. How great! So we decided to bounce to a mahoosive electrical store called B&H on 9th Ave. You walk in and I guarantee you that you feel like it's the mother of all electrical stores. Tomorrow we will fiiiinally (after many days of planning to, haha) get to go to the Natural History Museum with Emily's bébé-cousin. Sorry for all this tourist talk - I'll try get an outfit post for you tomorrow! Goodnight.