Oh yes that's right! I bought them when we were in Soho the other day. I wore them out today when we went to buy Emily's bébé-cousin a new fish and to UO + barnes & noble. I can just imagine wearing them in England, in the winter with my tootsies all warm. So I suppose you noticed I didn't mention anything about the Natural History Museum? Maybe not, but let me tell you we really did mean to go. Kay it's not nice to blame things on kids but this little (and adorable may I add) bébé-cousin of Emily's woke up around 5am and I got up around 6h30. We watched the shadow scene from Peter Pan about 6 times until half way through the film. By the afternoon I was utterly exhausted and had to take a nap, haha. Tomorrow we are planning (and planning to follow through with it this time) to go to the Museum and maybe Central Park Zoo if the bébé-cousin isn't too cranky or sleepy. Two big outings in one day is a bit much, but we'll see. As for now I am going to get ready for bed and enjoy my sleep while it lasts. Goodnight.