The past few days have been so gloomy so it was great to see Tina release these photos which were taken back in April. I love how she has captured the light in them! We'll probably shooting together over the Christmas break so I better start saving up some inspiration photos for then. Being in England I'm obviously surrounded by a lot more photographers so I hope I'll get a few shoots done with people based in and close to London.

In other news, my friend and I will be going to Prague in December! I'm so excited as I haven't been to an eastern European country since I was about the age of 2 - so I obviously cannot remember much of it. It was a spontaneously chosen destination which gives it all the more excitement! Have you guys ever been to Prague and/or are Czech? I would absolutely love to be given suggestions on where to go, where to eat etc.


  1. why are you so beautiful? :)

  2. Prague is amazing! You should definitely go to Karlovy Lazne :D I advise you to stay in Iris Hotel,it's close to a shopping centre. There is a lot to see in Prague, for example Charles's Bridge, etc. And there is a lot of little caffes where they serve beer(well, I don't know how to explain it) you sholud definitely try it, even if you don't like beer, Prague is famous because of the beer :D Enjoy :D

  3. hey the shots of you actually amazed me :) you're so photogenic! Besides youre probably gorgeous in real life too!

    And yeah i have been to prague last summer and theres a lot to visit! For exmaple just go to the "old city". You will find a lot of sights there! Also the charles bridge issss to visit. And so much more!!! Just go there and ask, just like we did. Have fun x

  4. I was in Prague in April/May an it was sooo damn cold! There's a lot to see, lots of Starbucks and the Hard Rock Café. Personally I didn't find a lot where to shop but you should visit Palladium shopping center with the last floor full of restaurants (sushi, chinese, KFC, burger king, .....)

  5. Hi, Kaori! My name is Sabina and I'm from Romania. I've been to Prague twice and I also visited another big city in Czech Republic, Brno. Czech people are amazing: polite, nice and beautiful, but they speak only a little bit English and their money is called KROWN, not EURO.
    In Prague you should visit the old city and Karluv Most bridge, you can go on a cruise by boat on Vltava, visit some museums like the torture one or memorial houses. There is also a big Zoo in Prague. For shopping you should try: Europark, Arena Outlet or other malls in town. They have all kinds of stores like: zara, bershka, h&m, new yorker, next, d&m, marionnaud, sephora etc. Near the new opera, there's a big museum (they call the subway station like this: 'MUSEUM'). Around it there are parks, shops, Starbucks and McDonald's and other nice places for turists.
    Hope this will help. xoxo

  6. the pictures are amazing!


  7. Hey, I´m czech, I hopefully can give you a little advice ;)

    1) Shopping-subway station Museum-it´s the town centre with shops, Starbucks and so on..
    other stations :
    -Pankrác-shopping centre Arkády
    -Chodov-shopping centre Chodov
    -Náměstí Republiky-shopping centre Palladium
    -Letňany-shopping centre Letňany (Pretty suprising, huh ? :D)
    Otherwise, for Prada, Luis Vuitton search in Paris street, close to Old town square!

    I don´t know which brands you don´t have, I guess Lindex, maybe New Yorker..?

    We have a lot of monuments to visit : Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Old town´s square with its clock, Petřín , Vyšehrad..

    Places to go:Popocafepetl is a nice bar, definitelly go to some tee room and smoke waterpipes, in Rudolfinum is an exposition of 80 controversy photos (of course in english)...

    I hope i helped you a bit :)

  8. Hey there, I forgot, it´s so fucking freezing in here and smog, take warm clothes with you ;)