Oh what a stunner. She was dancing in those boots btw!
Video of what we saw
I almost have no words for how awesome my day has been. A small blog post doesn't seem sufficient. We first had lunch at this AMAZING japanese restaurant near Emily's aunt's work and then we headed off to the UN building (where I bought way too many books). After walking from 1st Ave to 9th (basically across manhattan) we went to Macy's for FASHION'S NIGHT OUT where we saw Coco Rocha, a few more models from Ford, Derek Warburton, some basketball player who's apparently quite amazing.. BUT OH GOSH COCO ROCHA (sorry for all the capital letters. I hate it when people do that but I feel like it's highly appropriate right now). After Macy's we went up the Empire State and had the most amazing view of Manhattan. We then basically walked from there to Columbus Circle/Central Park (34th st to 59th). My feet/neck/back/butt and all the rest has never hurt so much in my life but today has been one of the best days and perhaps the most memorable but for more reasons than just Coco which I'll keep to myself.

PS, the two beams of light in the last photo is where the twin towers used to stand.