River island love

I'm not really into the colour blocking but I do like it when there is an accent colour in an outfit. I'm very plain when it comes to pairing things together because I like one thing to stand out. One day it could be earrings, the next day it could be a long top with a crazy print or I could be wearing a bunch of rings (my friends know just how much I love my rings haha). I forgot to mention something! I got the coolest thing ever from my buddy emily: a macaron ring! It's a teeny macaron, ON A RING. How cute! Anyway, if you're a b&w (+navy/grey) lover like me then I think pieces like these could easily turn a dark winter combo into a very summery one without having to pull away from those comforting darks and whites. I must get back to philosophy revision if I want to bump up my average (considering how chemistry and french went I need all the marks I can get in other subjects).