Apologies for the indoor and badly positioned photos - I was trying to make do with the light that I have in my bathroom haha. I had this playsuit kindly sent to me by AX Paris and even though I received it really quickly, as I realised in my uni email "post at reception" update, I didn't have the chance to go pick it up until recently. I chose this playsuit because I don't have that many printed things and I think the different elements which are incorporated into it are really nice: the sea, gold chains and pastel. I tend not to get clothes which are 100% polyester because they crease so easily and aren't so great if you're going away on holiday but when this came in the mail it wasn't that badly crinkled and I've had it up on a hanger since then. I can't wait to wear this once the hot summer comes around! They also have a strapless playsuit and a tank top in the same print so be sure to check those out as well as the 40% off sale items. I'm currently browsing the maxi dress section and trust me, there are some really nice dresses in there!