Dijon - almost home

We're in Dijon now (where they have the famous mustard, oui oui) and I'm back from having one of the yummiest dinners ever. I felt like such a fatty but screw that mmmhhh it was too good. As you can see I've already made a bit of a mess on the bed. I'm so terrible. Anyways, we arrived in Dijon and there was a huuuge shopping mall right next to the hotel! It was a half hour until closing time so of course my brother and I legged it (him to the video games and me to new look). Shopping under pressure was actually so much fun. It made me really think wether I wanted something or not before wasting time with trying crap on. Those shorts caught my eyes immediately and I'm glad they did because I love them now.  They cover a lot more of my butt than the topshop high-waisted shorts which I have to wear with leggings or tights if I don't want to look like a ho. I bought new sandals (since my other ones are a bit worn out and I've had them for over a year), these earrings and a necklace which I first saw in the new look in Bordeaux but didn't buy for some reason. Goodnight lovelies.

PS, with my new toy I can bounce the flash off the ceiling so that the flash doesn't pick up all the finger prints and dust on the mirror and so that my flash doesn't appear as one big flashy blob - Yay!
PPS, second photo was taken with the bouncy flashy thingy of the ceiling (yeah I don't know the technical term kay?) and I'm reaaaaallly glad that I bought the flash. I originally bought it for taking photos for nights out but now my indoor close-ups of items I bought look so much better without a direct flash.
PPPS, I'm going for realzies now, hehe.