I see trees of green, yellow tulips too

Yay to my mama who took the photos, hehe. 
Hello bloggers, I finally wore my black maxi dress! It's so perfect for both warm weather and for when the sun is not that bright (just pop on leggings or footless tights). I think I'm going to buy more of the same one because it I don't remember it being crazy expensive. Perhaps in dark blue because I don't think I could dare to wear a white one. So guess who had a BLAH day today? I only got to see my manfriend for half and hour because I had a dentist appointment AND OH MY DAYS.. My face hurt so much after. I had to get a crown on my tooth and I got that anaesthetic injection a I felt like my lips blubbered when I spoke so when I picked up sushi for dinner I felt like a right old fool talking to the person at the till.

PS, I love this fringed tulip!