I got these boots when I went on had my crazy primark day in guildford. I haven't worn them out yet but they'll be great for school when I don't really feel like dressing up but I don't want to be boring either. I'm nearly done with my article! Wihuuu. And it's nearly 1am... Damn. I'm off to have a shower and curl up in bed. The man-friend (he's 22 in june, can I still call him boy..? Haha, I love that bit in the SATC movie) is just over the border in france for a gig tonight so my tootsies will be freezing. YAY for hot water bottles! Night night m'darlings.

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  1. oh, I'm so slow... replying to your two latest comments now:
    yeah a joined video could be fun :b I have the feeling it'd feel slightly awkward to talk ALONE to a camera..? ^^
    and yes - go to stockholm! you could easily do it in a weekend, and the country's so americanized (american tv shows etc.) so almost all the population speaks english! :)

  2. I loooove those boots!!