What junk do I have in my bag?

 My bag - it's from c&a
 Wallet from Mango
 Contact lenses, unopened pack of chewing gum (I'm always trying different flavours), cupcake plasters, tiger balm, estée lauder tinted moisturiser, eyedrops
L'oreal mascara, rimmel lipgloss, illamasqua red lipstick (it's not as dark as that; it's VERY bright and I used it on Emily in this shoot)
 Chemistry stuff - ughh..
My phone (samsung; no idea what model), pencil case and sunglasses. Nothing that interesting but I haven't done this before (right..?) so I thought why not? 


  1. Nice bag :)
    BTW when I was at auchan I saw that they have betty crocker baking mixes because it's a british/american week now :) just thought i'd share that with you, because you once wrote about it here :)

  2. Miriam from Galicia (Spain)26 April 2011 at 22:27

    I haven't post in your yesterday's entry.
    Yor look us gorgeous and you're face is sooooo beautiful


  3. What are the stickers on the phone?

  4. I love your blog. your outfits are always so well put together but not cool and edgy. I am now following!


  5. Ohmy I can't believe that that bag is from C&A,
    it's great!
    I'm gonna check whether they've got such great bags at our C&A as well (last time I checked they didn't, sadly enough!)