And the people they were dancing to the music vibe

 Jumper/balenciaga (vintage), boots/timberland, bag/h&m

 Sneaky peeks
Good evening friends, I should get to sleep soon but I just wanted to make this post. I had a shoot with my friend Christine today. One part of the shoot was for her project (mental illnesses) and we did anorexia. Now, before someone rants about my thunder thighs (as I like to call them) and my spare tire, I realise I'm not the skinniest of bloggers but we wanted to give the illusion of anorexia with heavy contouring and accentuating the shadows around my collar bone. I can't wait to see how she edits it!

Moving on from the project, we couldn't waste the sunlight and ventured outside to take a few photos in my black maxi dress (first photo) followed by a climb onto a set of garages just around the corner (second photo + outfit photos). I stepped onto a weak party of the roof and I thought I was going to fall through at one point. Oooh, I started selling my clothes on facebook and I'm already meeting two girls tomorrow. After that I'm hitting the library for some hardcore chemistry and biology studying.