Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hello readers. Sorry for not posting yesterday, and please excuse for this crappy post today. You see, my manfriend is keeping me hostage and I don't really have a say. Hah no really I do feel a bit bad. We're going to have a movie night now with the line-up of Harry Potter, Megamind and Artificial Intelligence + crisps, fruit and red fruit flavoured juice/water mmhh. I bought some jewellery today so I'll try get that posted for you tomorrow. Have a lovely saturday evening you guys! Ciao.

PS, dress is from topshop. I've decided I definitely want a dark blue dress for my bal du bac.


  1. Random q: Did you ever say why you choose to call him your "manfriend" over the more traditional "boyfriend."

    I can almost guess the answer, but I was curious to see what you'd say. :-)

  2. i was going to get the orange version of this dress :)
    you and your manfriend are aodrable! ^-^ xx

  3. Really cute dress!! Love it!
    Xoxo, K.

  4. Very pretty... Im in love with your blog! And your style is amazing!

  5. @Kadim - haha, it's because he's turning 22 this year and it feels wrong to call him a boy ^^. he actually asked me the same question yesterday.