It's tricky

001 Hello blogger buddies, how are you doing on this fine wonderful superbalicous wednesday evening? (if you're in my time zone that is). I'm back from dinner and here I am with a haul/shopping post. The first store I hit was a semi-vintage store selling a few old pieces and some new and that's where I picked up the RUN DMC top. Oooh, I finally bought a flash you guys! I can take some portrait photos for you when I'm back. On my first day in bordeaux I went into Darty, an electrical store, and the man was so rude and couldn't spell nikon or the actual product name (IT HAS TWO LETTERS, ahem..) and tried selling me the sb 600 flash which is insanely mahoosively unnecessarily big and pricey. I went into Fnac and the staff were so much more pleasant there and helped out straight away (and knew the product name haha).

002 Before the camera-ness I was in h&m (surprise surprise..) and I bought more or less everything I had been looking for (denim shirt see above, long black maxi dress, a black blazer and a floppy summer hat). After lunch I ended up in new look where I bought a pale pink/coral-y blazer (sans bouttons) and two pairs of shoes. As you can see, they're both the same style but the black one is suede and the brown is leather. I'm so happy with my purchases!

PS, with my new flash my camera kinda looks like wall-e!
PPS, more posts coming up..