Funky Electric Metallic Blue

Hello! I was wearing a very simple outfit of a dark grey topshop jersery top, leggings and flats so I decided not to bore your eyes with an outfit post. I bought this nail polish today and I absolutely laaaav it. The title is the closest I could get to describing it; it's by rimmel and it's 819 green with envy. Oh gosh it's 8 already! This daylight is deceiving me. I better get back to researching angelina jolie. I'm doing a short presentation on her tomorrow and then I have to work on my extended essay (which has to be 5000 words long, ugh) for which I'll be reading many many maaany poems of Ted Hughes and the wonderful Sylvia Plath. Here's a link to my favourite poem by her. Ciao my blogger buddies and thank you for being so friendly.