Hennes & Mauritz Madness

Hah, so I kinda lied. Here's that maxi dress I was talking about. I was scavenging through my wardrobe trying to decide what to pack with me and when I tried the dress on the sun kinda popped out and BAM you know, I somehow ended up outside with my camera on a make-shift tripod of a box of tissues and a flower pot (I'm thinking I should buy a tripod for realzies). And whaddya know, I'm head to toe in h&m. I should really say head to ankle because the shoes I was wearing in with this dress are from japan.

Ciao, I'm off to have a bubble w/candles and cheesy music.

Edit - "I'm off to have a bubble" hahaha. I'm so easily amused.


  1. beautiful. i saw you today at school, school protest. you looked beautiful!

  2. you have a wonderful face and skins! jealousy

  3. This is a beautiful combination! Love brown and green together!! Amazing outfit pieces!
    Xoxo, K.

  4. wow I don't normally like maxi dresses (I look swamped in them) but this suits you! And I chuckled at the makeshift tripod thing cause I do that all the time (and still fail miserably at taking outfit pictures) xx

  5. You look gorgeous! I love your dress!



  6. Well...what shoes are you wearing with it?

    I'm a bit mixed on maxi dresses. As a guy I like clothes that, you know...show off the girl's body. :-) Maxi dresses don't...so I guess it's how the maxi looks with shoes and other accessories that make it work or not.

  7. you look so gorgeous in your maxi dress! i wanted to buy the same a few weeks? ago but i realized that i'm waaaayyy too petite to wear such things. poor little me... hm :)

  8. Miriam from Galicia (Spain)13 April 2011 at 11:45

    Wow!! Fabulous!!!!
    It would be great you to show us your bikinis for next summer season.
    Yu could give us idees about what to buy!