This girl's name is Francesca, she says her 3 favourite stores are zara, priamark and her mother and grandmother's wardrobes. She's from Germany and I found her on lookbook some time last week, if I remember correctly. She's an amazingly stunning girl and I can't wait to see more of her looks!
 Where do you get your inspiration from?:  Well, I get my inspiration from fashion magazines, and of course from lookbook and blogs. You see different styles and maybe the same clothes you have, but combined in a totally different way, which makes me create new outfits and I work on my own style. Music plays a big role in my life which underlines my sense of fashion and how it changes, too. And finally, the good old times and their clothes give me inspiration (I just LOVE vintage and to combine old things with some new).

Have you ever thought about blogging?: Yes, i thought about it and accordingly I'm thinking about, if i should have one. I only have lookbook and there you can't share that much information about what you wear and the background information it has. On a blog you can write about your recent mood, the things you do and how life influences you in the way you dress, so i think I will have one in time.

Check out her lookbook!