Cherry Folditup

I have a little bit of a different post for you. I just made this cherry folditup and although it doesn't look as pretty as I wanted it to, it still tastes pretty good.
You'll need: Butter (150g) , flour, sugar, milk, a pinch of salt, lemon, vodka (yes, really) and some pitted cherries for pie filling.

First juice the lemons and a bit of vodka. This will make the pastry more fluffy and light.

Add flour. I didn't measure out the ingredients so just go with the flow and add more later if you think you need to.

Add the sugar but not too much. I added about a third (or even less) of the amount of flour I used.

Cut the butter into small cubes to make mixing easier.

Once you add the butter, crush and mix everything together until the contents of your bowl resembles chunky bread crumbs. Add a table spoon (15ml) of the vodka/lemon mix and mix really well. Don't be afraid to get your fingers messy!

Once you're done mixing set the oven to 190 degrees celsius. Now roll the pastryA into balls and wrap cellophane around them. In this photo I've left them round but it's best to push down on them so they resemble fat disks. Leave in the fridge for 2h or if you're really impatient (like me) then pop them in the freezer for 20mins or so. Keep an eye on them because you don't want them to get too stiff. 

Before rolling your pastry out, add a little bit of flour underneath to prevent it from sticking. Once you've rolled out your little disk into a nice round pizza-lookin shape, add the cherry filling with a bit of the juice.

The next step: folding it up! Fold one side of the pastry and work your way around it. Once you're done, paint it with milk and sprinkle a generous amount of sugar on top. Pop them in the over for 30-45 mins (depends on how thick your pastry is) and you're done! I'm going to try make this once every two or three weeks to perfect it because I love how simple it. I'm sorry if this isn't exactly the kind of post you wanted or expected but I couldn't help sharing my "skills" with you. Ciao for now.