Selected Faces

Hey guys! I think I aced my bio test. Besides that I've had a pretty boring day. It's the protest at my school tomorrow (against budget cuts) and I'm still wondering if I should go or not. I'm 18 so I can justify my own absences from school, but I think it's my history teacher's last day (she's going off on maternity leave) so I want to be there if that's the case.
Oooh, I bought a maxi dress today. It's slightly animal print looking but I bought it especially to wear in Bordeaux so I probably won't be posting it any time soon. Plus, the weather in Luxembourg is supposed to be going downhill from here so I doubt I'll even get the chance to wear it before then. Do you guys like maxi dresses?

Edit - I just double checked with my mum and as I guess, this cardigan was hand-made by my grandma! 


  1. Oh I love your outfit again,
    especially the vest is great,
    the jewelry is great as well (:
    Great pics!

  2. Oh and I love maxidresses,
    I wanna have a maxidress or maxiskirt, but they're all waaaay too big for me, which sucks.

  3. Amazing and beautiful. You're stunning and your outfits are always jaw dropping. x

  4. Miriam from Galicia (Spain)11 April 2011 at 22:23

    OMG You're only 18! Lucky girl!haha
    I adore your rings!
    I see you have a good relationship with your teachers, that's nice and strange too, when I was 18 (7 years ago!!!) I didn't use to get on well with them, except on rare occasions!


  5. oh jaaa, the sheeeep cardi :b baaaeehhh
    em im gonna go check out the hype thing. 197 hypes :O
    guess who