I finally got my hands on this. Fudge magazine put together a book of about 100 girls and their personal style and I was one of them! If I remember correctly I met up with the team early in December and we went to a couple of stores around Carnaby Street and then did the interview at a place called Soho's Secret Tea Room. Oh man if you love tea and feel like you were born in the wrong time then this is seriously the place for you. The cosy little place is located above a pub at 29 Greek Street and as soon as you step through its doors it feels like you have time warped back into the 40s. The best thing about this whole thing is that not only is it a Japanese magazine but I was able to be in Japan just a few days after it came out and I took my grandmother to the bookstore to surprise her. She then proceeded to show every single person that I was in the book and as embarrassing as it was, it made me so happy to know that she is proud of me.

 I love the little speech bubble haha