A bit of a lazy post, sorry you guys. I went to a bar after school with my buddy (bad ass I know) to plan and book for our 18th/19th birthday bash. I then stopped off to buy sushi and got home later than usual and now chemistry is....BLABLABLA I'm sure you don't want to hear the excuses. I am in looove with this wallet but I really don't need a new one. And DAMN I need to start looking for a dress for my proclamation (=graduation)/ bal du bac soon. I already know what I'm wearing for the ceremony but I need to find a dress for the party after.

Long dress:
-Don't get many chances to wear evening dresses
-I've never worn one

Short dress:
-If I spend quite a bit of money on a short dress, I can wear it many times on several occasions unlike a long one
-Easy to dance in later in the night
-I've already spotted one which is kinda nice
-Covers bulgy wobbly bits