Comfort is key

Hello, bloggerlings. It sucks this gloomy weather is back but I decided to take photos anyway due to my lack of photos yesterday. My face wasn't really cooperating with me today, hence the semi-decapitation. I hate wednesdays. Mainly because it's in the middle of the school week and it seems like I'm going nowhere. I have my third theory lesson tomorrow but i'm thinking of going to the french classes as well so I can speed up the whole getting my driving licence process by a little bit. Apparently it's hell waiting to do the practical and the final test.

PS, I'm gonna try to make pirate cupcakes for saturday wihuuu! I'm also making cupcakes for the sale/fundraiser for Japan which my mum is helping to organise (also on saturday, morning til afternoon) so if you have time please come along to the Centre Culturel Beggen and you can buy my deliiiiiicious cupcakes (that's enough to convince you right? Haha)