Din dins

Top/cheap monday, shorts/topshop, bag/coach
So how awesome was the weather today? I spent the day with my man-friend eating take-away Coffee Lounge bagels in the park (the Italian one is THE BEST, mmhh) and this is what I wore. I found this treasure deep in my mum's closet so I'm borrowing it for now I love how simple it is. I'm off to dinner with my section and the parents now. We're have aperitifs and dinner at an Italian place so I'm hoping they have some carpaccio there. It's so tasty. Outfit of the night post coming up after I get home. Ciao.


  1. Love the outfit! Wheres the top from?? xo

  2. Wereyou at farinella in kirchberg? If yes, think i saw you :D

  3. I was gonna order that tee off ASOS. Love it!

  4. I love your outfit, especially the bag! It's not mint green, but I will buy a mint green nail polish soon! They look so summery :)

  5. great outfit!
    love blog!

    I'm following now