Place de la Bourse

Whaddup you guys? Hope your weekend was good. I got back from bxl a while ago and I'm surprisingly not tired at all. I had an ok time but I found last year's europarty (in amsterdam) was way better. I ended up hanging out with my friend Alice (the beautiful blondie you see on the left), her boyfriend and his friends. After eating a incredibly late lunch, Alice and I went to new look and did a bit of shopping. I got the things above plus a black parka which was originally 45EUR (what the eff!) but I got it for 12EUR, wihuu.


  1. I love the things!!!!! Really pretty! xxx

  2. what size is your macbook pro? i'm thinking about buying myself one, too, but I'm not so sure yet, because they are really expensive and you also need to buy a lot of new software...