Happy International Women's Day

Top/topshop, jeggings/dr denim, necklace/topshop, bag/vintage louis vuitton
I have a big-ass test tomorrow in history so this won't be too long. I didn't really make an effort with my outfit today so I decided to take my hand-me-down louis vuitton bag. My bought it when she began her work as a stewardess on a domestic airline based in tokyo and it's so precious to me. Unfortunately the zip is KAPUT. Because it's so old my mother no longer has the pouch or the authentication card so I wasn't sure if they'd fix it for me but I went by the vuitton store today and they said that it wasn't a problem at all! Wihuuu. They also told me that it would take 8 weeks for it to be sent to Paris, fixed and returned for 80EUR. It's not so bad considering what I originally thought it would be. I'm terrified about sending it off in case they lose it because it's irreplaceable. To some people it's just another vuitton bag but to me it was my mama's and it's special in that way. HOKAY, short post my ass. I seem to like blabbering too much. I'm going, for real. Ciao.

PS, sorry for the crappy photos. Still no flash on ma cam. But with this sunny weather I should venture outside to snap photos!
PPS, this time I'm really going. No really, I am.